Tips on how to use this program:

This program will assist you in reaching a diagnosis about your patient's acute eye problem. It is based on clues from the patient's symptoms, as well as on some simple physical examination tests.

Please start the process with normal open question history taking. Ask the patient "what is wrong with your eye?" and write down for yourself the main symptoms (e.g. photophobia, discharge, pain etc).

The program will later ask you yes/no questions about specific symptoms. It will help if you can answer as many questions as possible based on the initial open question, rather than suggest symptoms to the patient (e.g. "do you have a foreign body sensation") in which case some patients answer "yes" non-specifically.

Patients who are "good historians" are ideal candidates for CoDEx. If the patient's symptom description is vague, if they have poor communication or language skills, the accuracy CoDEx diagnostic predictions will be reduced accordingly.